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Welcome to the home page for our Roman Catholic Polish community in the capital city of Saskatchewan and Archdiocese of Regina.



Rzymsko-katolicka wspólnota polonijna w stolicy prowincji Saskatchewan i w Archidiecezji Regina.



St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Parish was founded in 1931 by Msgr. Anthony Gocki. The church serves not only Polish immigrants, but all those who honor St. Anthony of Padua. Since 1982, pastoral care of the parish has been provided by the Society of Christ Fathers.



“Let us renew our trust in the Holy Spirit every day. The trust that He enacts in us, He is in us, He gives us courage, confidence and peace! Let us be guided by Him, men and women of prayer, witnessing the Gospel with courage, becoming instruments in our world of God's unity and communion.”

- Pope Francis, May 22, 2013



With the increasing prevalence of Internet-based communication, we have made accessible the basic information and news about our community, which we hope will enrich your knowledge. Please explore the tabs above, which include some historical points and a devotion to St. Anthony.


We encourage everyone

to join us in prayer.


Zapraszamy do wspólnej modlitwy.


9:00 –  (English) po angielsku
11:00 – (Polish) po polsku


Social - Działalność socjalna


St. Anthony’s Parish Hall

1825 Winnipeg Street

Tel. (306) 352-3831   


Monday, Tuesday, Friday 6:30 PM – poniedziałek, wtorek, piątek
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 9:00 AM – środa, czwartek, sobota


In honor of St. Anthony - 13 Tuesdays with a finale on June 13 - St. Anthony’s Feast Day.







We invite you for the Mass and prayer every Tuesday at 6:30 PM.

During the evening Mass every Tuesday, we will have special prayers

to St. Anthony and a blessing with the relic of St. Anthony.


O gentle and loving St. Anthony, whose heart was ever full of human sympathy,
whisper my petition into the ears of the Sweet Infant Jesus,
who loved to be folded in your arms,
and the gratitude of my heart will ever be yours.


*   *   *



1930/31 – 2015/16

November 2015 – June 2016


Honoring our past

Celebrating the present

Hoping & entrusting our future to Jesus Christ! 


What St. Anthony’s Parish and Church means to me….

What does it mean to belong to a parish like St. Anthony’s or to pray regularly at

St. Anthony’s Church? Well, that can be answered in hundreds of different ways.

What does it mean to you? What are your hopes and visions for the future of our

St. Anthony’s ‘Church in 15 years, 35 years, and 50 years?


Put your thoughts down in 2 or 3 paragraphs. We will select a dozen answers to

be published in the bulletin during the 85th anniversary of our parish and church.

One of the stained glass

windows in the church.



Annual Devotion in Honor of St. Anthony - 2017

St. Anthony Special Thirteen Tuesdays Novena of Masses beginning on March 21st,            and continuing every Tuesday through June 13th 2017.



For many centuries, a special Franciscan spirituality grew, based on the teachings, exemplary faith and miracles of St. Anthony. In the City of Regina, we are proud to say that, unceasingly since 1933, we have been able to present a fervent devotion to all who are hungry and desire to be closer to God. To those who are interested in growing in the formation of faith, in Jesus our Redeemer, we offer a special Devotion of 13 Tuesdays. Here at St. Anthony’s, our community’s vision is “To radiate the joy of the Gospel in the heart of the City.” Just as Jesus called his disciples to preach the good news, so too, he calls us to share the light of Christ with others. This means that we must recognize and cultivate the flame of faith in our hearts. Prayer, study and works of mercy fan this flame of Christ in our lives. But Jesus does not want us to simply be illumined by his presence, but to shine for others to see. Whenever we share the blessings in our lives with others, the light of Christ grows stronger in our world. May the Franciscan spirituality of our Patron Saint – St. Anthony again be a great opportunity for radiating Christ’s light in our City! Each Tuesday evening, beginning at 6:30 PM, the Devotion will consist of three important parts:


1. Holy Eucharist

2. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

3. Veneration of the relics of St. Anthony


Please see for yourself and join us!

The 85th Annual 13 Tuesdays Devotion in Honor of St. Anthony begins on March 21st, 2017, at 6:30 PM,

at St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church, 2275 Atkinson Street, Regina SK S4N 3X2.


The Devotion continues every Tuesday, and ends on June 13th, 2017, which is the feast day celebration of St. Anthony.


Please call us if you have any questions: 306-522-3363


Drodzy Bracia i Siostry w Chrystusie:
Czcigodni Parafianie, Przyjaciele wspólnoty św. Antoniego i Czciciele św. Antoniego,

W Niedzielę Wielkanocną głosimy naszego Pana – Zwycięzcę śmierci i radujemy się, ponieważ Jego życie daje nam pewną obietnicę nieśmiertelności. Zmartwychwstanie ma moc podnoszenia każdego człowieka na duchu. Było darem pokoju dla zasmuconych uczniów Pana i może również napełnić pokojem serca ludzi naszych czasów. Tylko Chrystus może pomóc przezwyciężyć ludzkie lęki, dramaty i osamotnienie.

Napełnieni radością i mocą wielkanocnego Alleluja, będziemy umieli dostrzegać:

- w śmierci – tajemnicę życia,

- w grzechu – nadzieję przebaczenia,

- w świadomości winy – Boże miłosierdzie,

- w rozstaniu – niezniszczalną jedność,

- w człowieku – tajemnicę Boga,

- w swoim „ja” – drugiego człowieka.

Serdecznie życzę, by owocem tegorocznych Świąt Wielkanocnych było w Waszych sercach pełne zawierzenie Chrystusowi – zmartwychwstałemu Panu. Niech miłość objawiająca się z grobu tej pierwszej Wielkanocy żyje w Was i będzie wyrażana w życiu codziennym, i życiu Jego Świętego Kościoła. Niech Zmartwychwstały Pan obdarza pokojem i Wam błogosławi, Wasze rodziny i domy oraz wszystkich, których będziecie darzyć miłością w tę Wielkanoc.


Z Chrystusowym pozdrowieniem,


ks. Stan



OCTOBER 22, 2016


A statue of St. John Paul II was unveiled at an October 22 special Mass and ceremony at St. Anthony’s Church. Fittingly, the statue was unveiled on the Saint’s feast day. The former Karol Jozef Wojtyla was born and raised in Poland and became the first non-Italian Pope since the Dutch Adrian VI who served from 1522-23.

The statue was commissioned by the Marytan Foundation, a private family foundation established in 2007. Alex Banga, a parishioner of St. Anthony’s, on behalf of the Foundation approached St. Anthony’s Parish Council in September 2015 and proposed the Foundation’s offer to commission a statue of St. John Paul II. “The Foundation wanted to give praise to one of the great saints of our time,” said Banga in his opening remarks prior to the unveiling. Banga spoke of St. John Paul’s accomplishments as Pope noting particularly his role in eventually ending communist rule in his homeland and in Europe. He was also the most travelled Pope in history with 104 foreign trips.

Winnipeg Archbishop Emeritus James Weisgerber in his homily mentioned that it was Pope John Paul II who appointed him bishop. “He was a wonderful man to be with,” said Weisgerber. “He had a great mind.” His election as Bishop of Rome in 1978 came as a big surprize to many as he was the first non-Italian pope in a long time. “He had a very difficult life living under the communist regime,” said the Archbishop. He along with other Polish bishops played a role in Vatican II, said Weisgerber, and he chose the name John Paul II because he wanted to be faithful to John XXIII who established Vatican II and to Paul VI who elevated him to the College of Cardinals. “He was a strong influence on the Church and we have to be very grateful for that.”

The ceremony was followed by a reception and banquet in the Church hall with Regina Archbishop Donald Bolen speaking about St. John Paul II’s life.

The statue was produced by Ferdinand Stuflesser, Val Gardena Valley, Italy. Banga would only say the Foundation paid for it and would not reveal the cost. Banga and his wife Mary unveiled the statue which was then blessed by Weisgerber. The pedestal was crafted by Krzysztof Bolesta a St. Anthony’s parishioner.

The Marytan Foundation, according to a description in the ceremony’s program, is based on the values of respect, dignity and compassion with support for the poor, marginalized and disadvantaged. It also supports religious and charitable organizations that share those common values.


Frank Flegel

for The Prairie Messenger

Blessing of St. Pope John Paul II Statue at St. Anthony’s Parish

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Parishioners, Friends of St. Anthony’s Church

and Devotees of St. Anthony,


On Easter Sunday, we proclaim our Lord and rejoice because

His life gives us the sure promise of immortality. Resurrection

has the power to lift every man in the spirit. It was a gift of peace

to the grieving disciples of the Lord and also could fill the hearts

of the people of our time.  Only Christ can help us overcome

human fears, hardship and loneliness.

Filled with the joy and power of the Easter Alleluia, we will be able to see:
- in death - the mystery of life,
- in sin - hope of forgiveness,
 - in a guilty conscience - God's mercy,
- in separation - the indestructible unity,
- in man - the mystery of God,
- in your deepest self - the discovery of the needs of another person.

I sincerely wish that the fruits of this Easter in your hearts will be filled with your trust in Christ - the resurrected Lord.
May that love that burst forth from the tomb that first Easter live in your hearts and be expressed daily in your lives and the life of His Holy Church. May our Risen Lord grant you His peace and abundantly bless you, your families, homes, and all those with whom you will share love this Easter.


Yours sincerely in Christ,


Rev. Stanislaw Poszwa, S.Chr.

 Easter 2017 Wielkanoc 2017